Monday, April 4, 2011

Plese join me in welcoming Grace Deluca, author of Betwixt and Between

Welcome, Grace!
HH - Please tell the readers and me what it was like to write a story for 10-14 year-olds, which I believe was a first for you.
GD - Writing “Betwixt and Between” was a unique experience. The characters seemed to lead me where they wanted to go and I was happy to follow them. In the process the short picture book I intended to write for children (5 to 8 years) graduated to a novella for tweens (10 to 14 years). And somehow the hero was transformed from a plucky little eaglet into Michael, a spunky fourteen-year-old teenage boy who is sent on a Quest by his Guardian Angel to discover who he truly is. In the strange land of Betwixt and Between, Michael is helped by friends like Callie and her cat, Sebastian, but he’s also confronted by frightening enemies.
The book is a fantasy with spiritual overtones. These are generic, not directed to any particular religion or sect, simply letting youngsters know in an exciting, “fun” setting that they are special and they are loved.
Love the word "shalom" since I found out its real meaning. It means more than just "peace"-- it means every kind of peace, including the peace and wholeness (completeness) within ourselves. Isn't that beautiful?

HH - Yes, it is. Thank you for visiting with us and for sharing an excerpt of the story below.

“Who are you?” Michael asked.
“I’m your assigned G.A.”
“My what?”
“Your Guardian Angel. Who do you think pulled you out of the whirlpool?”
“You don’t look like any angel I ever saw,” Michael said.
“Have you seen many?”
“ ’Course not,” Michael sputtered. “But I’ve seen pictures of them. Everyone knows angels wear long white robes and have wings.”
“We can’t help the ideas you humans have. I’m a spirit; I can take any form I want, dress any way I choose.”
“W-e-e-ll, I did see one or two pictures of angels who looked something like you.”
“Ah, yes, you have seen many portrayals of my friend, the warrior angel Michael, after whom you are named.”
“If you’re an angel you’d have wings,” Michael said. “Everybody knows angels don’t travel in cars or buses. Wings are the way they get around. So how do you explain that?” Michael sat back, folded his arms in triumph. Gotcha!
“Mental propulsion. We just think of a place and we’re there.”
“No kidding?” Michael thought about it for a minute. “Can you think me home?”
“I could, but I won’t. Not yet.”

Betwixt and Between can be purchased in May at MuseItUp Publishing,

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Pat Dale said...

Nice story, Grace. And thank you Heather for hosting another fine author. I'm sure kids will love to read this one.
Pat Dale